Filipino American Educators

Association of Los Angeles


Filipino American Educators Association, Inc. of Los Angeles (FAEALA or FAEA, Inc.) is a voluntary non-profit organization composed of retired and current educators. It is the Los Angeles affiliate of the statewide Filipino American Educators Association of California (FAEAC).

FAEALA was established in March 24, 1974 by Dr. Milagros R. Aquino Ruiz, Bibiana Ruiz and Helen Brown who gathered Filipino American teachers in a forum where they could address their personal and professional needs. In its early beginnings, FAEA served as the first destination for teachers who came to the United States for support, shelter and encouragement. Later, FAEALA evolved into a professional organization dedicated to serving the community and its members. FAEALA continues to support newly arrived teachers from the Philippines, and Filipino American educators and other school district employees in the Los Angeles basin to promote and advocate for the rights, dignity and interest of its members.

In October 2005, it sponsored the annual FAEAC Conference in Anaheim, California. For a few years beginning in 1996, its members taught and coordinated Citizenship, Life Skills, and Arts classes via Los Angeles Unified School District's (LAUSD) Belmont Community Adult School.  Classes were held at the Filipino American Services Group, Inc. (FASGI) headquarters located in the Historic Filipinotown for newly-arrived Filipino Senior Citizens (World War II Veterans and their spouses), a pioneering community partnership at the time.

More recently in the Summer of 2006, FAEALA co-led (with the LAUSD) orientation sessions especially-designed for 84 mathematics, science, and special education teachers recently-recruited from the Philippines to prepare them for their new positions at the District's area schools. This partnership continues to this day as LAUSD welcomes the next groups of Filipino exchange teachers.

FAEALA welcomes alliances with community groups and individuals to enrich, broaden and further our common cause - understanding the Filipino American experience and to provide support to newly-arrived teachers from the Philippines, objectives that it established since its formation in the 1970s.


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